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Mobile First

Mobile is ruling everything. Every project we undertake is mobile first. This means we optimise each build for the mobile experience. We focus on speed, usability and superior interface builds. This means each project will ensure the highest quality standards each time.

Human Approach

As a team, we’re obsessed with data. We use data to ensure we make effective and controlled decisions with a human approach. Our designs always take a human approach. It’s part of how we work as a business.

We Build Beautiful Websites

A professional and strategic approach to design is essential. We approach each design of a specific project with a consistent process – but each in a unique way. Having worked with the owner of a digital property, we begin to setup how Titan Keystone will work to develop the core design of a project.
Nearly two out of every three minutes spent online are done from a mobile device. Each project we undertake uses a mobile first approach, right from the start.
It’s all about the customer journey. Ensuring that information flows well is done through comprehensive planning, content and site maps and a solid content infrastructure.
Creating beautiful experiences that leave a lasting impression, Titan Keystone enable mobile first, grid-enabled and responsive websites that excel and beat out the competition.
Ensuring that an organisation stays secure and is fully scalable is essential. Titan Keystone will works with our clients and partners to ensure they deploy a secure, user-oriented and scalable experience.
Titan Keystone is working with a number of CMS platforms, and providers. We provide a complete package of deployment, hosting, training and aftercare.

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