Digital strategy

Titan Keystone combines all components of a company’s digital space and creates a comprehensive strategy that ensures the most effective use of digital resources.

Project approach

Digital strategy can be defined as the strategic use of the digital space to help achieve objectives and goals that add value to business and increase wealth for project owners. Having a digital strategy is essential – it helps to enable the transformation of a part or whole area of business.

Research and planning

The first part of any project is research and planning. With an extensive background in academic and business research and planning, we help find business potential and unlock new opportunities through the extensive research and planning process.

Understanding Context

Understanding how digital affects business context is key to crafting strategy that will add value over time. We look at what digital assets a business will need to compete in this environment and see how they will shape your overall context.

Identify the market opportunity

To grow a market share, you need to understand your market environment. We analyse market, industry and competitors and see how the competition compares. By doing an audit on you and your competitors we can understand how to best help your business – sometimes in ways which aren’t evident at first.

We will help you to understand your customers in an in-depth but clear way through carefully selected analytics tools. With Titan Keystone, you will have access to effective and advanced data-oriented tools, so that we can understand who the customer is and what drives them.

Goals & Targets

Planning means getting everything on track and starting the process of how Titan Keystone will help business produce real results through digital investment. We walk you through the plan step by step and ensure that there is consistent feedback, so you are involved in every part of the journey. By putting together all of our understanding, we will help businesses set quantifiable goals and targets over a period of time. This will measure how to secure market share. We use our own advanced project management tools to help measure progress for clients and partners.

Strategic Areas

We focus our digital strategy on a number of key function areas. Each function requires a slightly different approach in order to develop the right plan and set of outcomes. Each project is unique and when our clients work with us, they are engaging in a value-adding partnership that will last well into the future.

  • Social

  • Content

  • Conversion

  • Engagement

  • Statistics

  • Measurement

  • Operations

  • Deployment

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