Remote Working

The nature of work is changing rapidly. It's easier than you think to adapt and many tools are easily available to help workplaces adapt to the changing context they face.

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Covid-19 has changed everything. Remote working has become the new normal as many are finding they are faced with a new context for work. The purpose of this article is to give you an introduction to the best tools to get started.

We use many of them @TitanKeystone, so we know just how effective they can be. Getting started is easy, they can be used across mobile and personal computing devices. All of the platforms we list offer free services, so they can help reduce the burden you might face as you begin to adapt.


Google Docs

Every Google account has access to Google Docs. In fact, it’s probably the best way to get started. You can access Google Docs right from the options panel in your Google account. Out of the box you have a docs, sheets and presentation access. Explore these tools in depth as they are a resource many overlook. Whether your preparing a sales pitch, doing your weekly accounts or creating a killer presentation – you can jump straight in.

Google Calendar

Never underestimate the power of Google Calendar. Organise your time effectively, schedule meetings and create events. Manage your business diary quickly and easily from both mobile and desktop wherever you are in the world. You can expand it into many of the tools in this article.



Slack is used by many leading organisations around the world for effective collaboration and communication. It is particularly useful for distributed teams. With the many integrations available it allows you to collaborate and communicate to bring your business to the cutting edge of technology. Try Slack today and create a channel for your business. You can integrate many of the apps you might work with in your business to automate your processes.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts should be your go to solution for meetings and video communications. It is easy to use and offers many integrations with the various platforms. Schedule meetings from within Google Calendar and setup everything you need for a productive meeting whether its internal or with clients.


Zoom takes things one step further than Google Hangouts. It allows for HD video conferencing, effective screen sharing and much more.

Files & Sharing


Dropbox is a well known cloud based file system. There’s many pricing options available – but getting started for free should suit most business cases – especially sole traders and smaller companies.

Project Management


Trello allows you to manage your tasks effectively. Automation allows you to greatly expand what you can do with it. Create and manage projects more effectively, add attachments and communicate with other teammates.

Social Media

Communication is key. Titan Keystone has been using a tool called Apollo for social media management with our clients and partners. We are opening this tool for Irish businesses and organisations to communicate effectively with their audience via their social media channels. All you have to do is sign up and connect your social accounts.

If you provide an essential public service or are offering your services to assist in the national effort against Covid-19, reach out to us and tell us what you need today. We will be happy to help in any way we can. All of the paid plans have been disabled and business plus is offered for free for the next 150 days.


Drop us a message if you need help setting up these tools, we’re all in this together. We’ll respond as best we can. At the moment, we know business is trying to adapt to this new context. So let’s do it together.

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Remote Working

Remote Working

The nature of work is changing rapidly. It’s easier than you think to adapt and many tools are easily available to help workplaces adapt to the changing context they face.

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