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Business Management Development
We will execute a build on business management applications that truly work to transform a business and the way it works. Whatever the function or area that is needed (for example logistics, operations, sales management, ERP, HR and so on) we can provide the expertise required for the clients requirements.
Enterprise Development
We build enterprise scale applications that can be deployed for any organisation regardless of project size or scope. We understand that enterprises work across many different function areas, with multiple locations, staff and departments – that’s why Titan Keystone will develop bespoke and cost-effective solutions based on individual requirements. We will encourage enterprises to contact us directly to explore how they might work with Titan Keystone.
Application Development
Cross platform and full stack development are available for whatever the project requirements may be. We encourage our clients to be ambitious so that we can translate their vision into a reality. Our custom application solutions will be adaptable across multiple environments and add real value to a business. The application development process is unique for each project but we approach using traditional development methods
Product Development
We develop and tailor software products that help business perform specific functions or to help allow for total digital transformation. Our focus is on providing cost-effective solutions and we will work with our clients and partners to provide ongoing maintenance for our deployed products.
Big Data & Analytics
Using big data to help make effective business decisions is essential in the new digital context. It is important that brands have access to relevant data sets that provide consistent and clear abilities for planning and execution. We can help tailor these for specific areas including; analytics reporting and dashboards, business intelligence systems and reporting, data management, connectors and HDFS assets.
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We want to put technology at the centre of business. When clients work with the Titan Keystone development team, we take a vision and translate it into beautiful applications and products that transform the context of a company and help that business to engage with real digital transformation.

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