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Our Story

Titan Keystone is a full service digital agency. We help individuals and organisations to create, grow and maintain every aspect of their digital presence. We were founded in 2017 and our firm is built upon the foundations of trust, integrity and service. Our success is rooted in the success of our clients and partners. When you work with Titan Keystone – we are with you throughout your entire digital journey and into the future. We help individuals and organisation to achieve their digital objectives and goals – no matter what they might be.



Philip Weldon

Managing Director

Philip Weldon is the Managing Director and a co-founder of Titan Keystone. As Managing Director, he is responsible for development of the company and its overall direction. He helps move the firm forward and is responsible for bringing everything together. Philip brings a wealth of experience, having worked across different industries in both the private and public sector. He has always been passionate about business and digital and in particular, their impact on people and society. He is currently completing a Bachelor of Business Studies at University College Dublin with a focus on strategic management.

Our Values

Be bold

Free-thinkers, disrupters, leaders and entrepreneurs help to grow our business. We want to see our people take risks, experiment and dare to stand out. It is essential that we are bold in our approach to everything we do. It is only by taking these risks that we can push the boundaries of success and excel at what we do.

Challenge yourself

Ideas need to move forward so we can evolve as a firm. We want to grow relationships and foster creativity and we do this by challenging ourselves to set ambitious goals and big objectives. Most importantly, we want to challenge everyone we work with to achieve theirs and to exceed expectation.

Set the standard of excellence

As a firm, we want to set the standards of excellence in digital. We dare to raise the bar together. We work to exceed the expectation of our clients every day and amaze them with what we do.

Share ideas and develop new ones

Our business relies on people that are open and share their knowledge. No matter how bold your idea might be, we want to hear it. We want to empower everyone to exceed their own expectations and thrive. To succeed, we must share our ideas and develop new ones that help us to grow. Successful knowledge management is key to our success as a firm.

Believe in yourself and each other

Our success is rooted in the belief in yourself and in those around you. Believing in ourselves and our business helps us to grow as a firm and to fully realise our potential as both individuals and as an organisation.

Take ownership

Our business success is rooted in our people and our clients. By taking ownership of the business, you can set your own goals and targets. We want our people to know they own their role and the firm.
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